Well Nutrition Plan

Laurie Waskovich, MS, RD, LDN from Well Kitchen and Terri Watson, NSCA-CPT, have joined forces and are excited to announce THE WELL NUTRITION PLAN!

Our Mission

The plan is about simply real food and health made easy with counseling every step of the way! This plan has been proven to reduce cravings, increase metabolism and improve energy levels all while helping with weight loss. There are no supplements, medications, meal replacement bars or crazy shakes. It is all about REAL FOOD! Please contact us for more information!

About Laurie

Laurie Waskovich is a Registered Dietitian, Healthy Kitchen Specialist and Proprietor of Well Kitchen. Laurie provides group and individual instruction in Northeastern Pennsylvania and focuses on a simple accessible approach to nutrition for the gentle transition to a more holistic diet. Her specialties include teaching people how to eat for improved health, wellness, weight loss and disease prevention. Laurie uses a “hands on” approach to show clients how to shop for groceries (even on a budget ), including  grocery store guide service, nutrition label reading education, and Well-Kitchen cupboard makeover. Laurie also provides instruction for healthy meal planning which focuses on healthful, simple cooking for busy families, and minimizing the use of processed foods. Laurie’s expertise includes counseling families or individuals to maximize health, growth and minimize behavior problems in children.

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