Personal Training

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Terri’s in-home and online training focuses on functional fitness by helping to strengthen your entire body as a unit the way we use it in everyday life. The big machines you find at gyms focus on isolating a single muscle group, are often impractical and can put our bodies in unnatural positions, causing injury.

While working with Terri, you will be performing exercises that incorporate multiple muscle groups plus core stability using versatile equipment such as stability balls, bands, balance trainers, dumbbells, steps and medicine balls with emphasis on good form in order to keep your body strong, balanced and flexible as we fight against the effects of aging.

Terri’s focus is always on the individual. With over 17 years of training experience, she has worked with people having a range of joint, muscle, auto-immune and a variety of other health issues. Each workout is personalized for all your physical strengths,  limitations, and specific goals in mind.